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Giving to CrossVision

CrossVision Missions is a faith based ministry that depends on the generosity of Godís people for financial resources. We believe in all contributions being used to the fullest extent to reach the lost and make disciples. Your generous financial contributions make it possible for this ministry to follow Godís call of reaching the lost and teaching churches and individuals Jesusí methods of transformational discipleship through the mission experience.

Giving Options:

    General Budget - For general operating cost of the ministry

  • Purchase Bibles, Tracts, Study Materials, Ect.
  • Supply Training Materials for New Leaders.
  • Supply Spiritual Preparation Guides for Mission Teams.
  • Purchase Equipment for Evangelism.
  • Aid for Translators.
  • Meet the Needs of indigenous Missionaries.

Designated Projects - One of the following designated funds

We partner with Cross Vision de Mexico (led by Luis Martinez) to support various mission work projects with indigenous people groups in Mexico. You can note "Mexico Missions" on your donation and money will be used in support of specific efforts and teams to share the gospel in Mexico.
This is a new project to support mission work in Western Guatemala. This partnership is being led by Gary and Lily Stone who have 25 years of mission work experience in this region (formerly with the IMB). You can note "Guatemala Missions" on your donation to provide funds to support this new endeavor for Cross Vision.
This is a new project to support mission work in Brazil. Meet the Fowlers; They are the newest members of the CrossVision INT Mission team. The Fowlers served in Brazil for ten years with the IMB of the Southern Baptist. They left the IMB in 2010 and have since been serving as U.S. missionaries and as a pastor. However, the call God put in their heart is to make disciples in Brazil. So after much prayer, they are returning to Brazil and will be continuing to make disciples among young church leaders, pastors, and church planters.
   Other Projects
We have other designated funds for international student support, disaster relief, and a few others. Please contact us to confirm before giving to any of these beyond the two specific regional mission funds above.

Giving Methods:

   To Make a Donation with Cash, Money Order or Check
Please mail your donation directly to CrossVision at: P.O. Box 132982 Tyler, TX 75713 (Your check or money order should be made payable to: CrossVision Missions). If you wish to designate your giving to one of the Mission Projects above, simply note "Mexico Missions", "Guatemala Missions" or "Brazil Missions" on your check.

   To Make a Donation ONLINE with any major Credit or Debit Card
Click the PayPal button below. Please include a comment if you intend to designate to a specific fund.

   Give By Electronic Bank Transfer
Please print, fill out, and return by mail the  Auto Bank Draft Authorization
This is the most effective way to partner with this ministry! It allows us to build a consistent base of giving and avoids the manual effort from you (writing and mailing a check) and administrative cost on our side (processing checks). Itís easy to setup, easy to change, and can be stopped at any time. You still get a summary of your giving at year end for tax purposes. Contact us via email for any questions.

   Non-Monetary Gifts
Non-Monetary gifts such as vehicles Contact Us

Cross Vision International Missions
Cross Vision International Missions
Cross Vision International Missions

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