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Long before the conception of CrossVision in 1998, God had planted a deep desire in the heart of Joe Lively, Mike Hymer, Thomas Ivey and Glen Pierce.  Their heartís desire was to take the experience that they had acquired over several years of active involvement in short term missions; their relationships with missionaries, pastors and churches in other countries; and most of all, the methods that Jesus Christ exemplified in Scripture and form a ministry to churches and those desiring to do short term missions.

CrossVision incorporated in 1999 as a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization to carry out the vision God had given to these men.

In 2001 the founding director of CrossVision, Joe Lively, stepped into the presence of our Heavenly Father.  Even though God had taken Joe home, the vision God had for CrossVision lived on as Glen Pierce, Mike Hymer and Dan Ross held their first CrossVision mission training session with leaders from St. Andrews Baptist Church in Panama City, Florida.

That December, one of Joeís and Cross Visionís dreams became a reality as 38 people went on the first Family Christmas mission trip to Acuna, Mexico

Over the next several years CrossVision continued to grow, training 25-75 short term mission team leaders per year, partnering alongside 4-6 new churches per year, and assisting in 12-16 mission trips per year.

In 2005, God had grown CrossVision in such a powerful way it was time for a full time ministry director.   In response to Godís call Glen Pierce accepted that role.

Furthermore, in 2006 God had grown the Christmas Family mission trip to such an extent CrossVision relocated the family team to work with Primera Iglesia Bautista in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

2007 CrossVision had expanded its works in Mexico leading to Glen Pierce spending more than 22 weeks in Mexico developing new works, training leaders and teams, and guiding partner churches on short term missions.

Furthermore, in 2007 God opened the door for CrossVision to partner Mexican and American churches to begin planting new works in the Black Heart of Mexico, an area of more than six million people where virtually no new works had been developed over the previous ten years.

This year of expansion culminated in the formation of a sister organization, CrossVision de Mexico, directed by Luis Martinez.

By the end of 2008 the CrossVision Christmas family mission team spread across three cities and had over 350 team members.

In October of 2009 God planted a new work in the hearts of the directors of CrossVision. This entailed expanding the vision of reaching the Black Heart of Mexico through a church planters training facility. This vision has developed into the Barnabas project.

In association with Primera Iglesia Bautista, CrossVision de Mexico and the members of the Christmas family mission team CrossVision constructed a five thousand square foot dormitory and training facility for the Barnabas project.

In January of 2010 CrossVision joined the Fellowship of Baptist World Ministries, an association of mission ministries working together to reach the world for Christ.

2010 proved to be a challenging year. The escalating violence in Mexico brought about a decline in churches willing to go and serve.  However, the devastation turned into people of desperation and the need for workers was even greater than before. Adding to the desperation the aftermath of Hurricane Alex left hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens displaced. This allowed for CrossVision to join forces with CrossVision de Mexico, International Mission board (SBC) Disaster relief (SBCT) and First Baptist Church of Del Rio, Texas, to face challenges and meet the needs of people God had called us to serve.

By 2011 the Black Heart work was firmly established and we had seen new works planted in three of the six states. Once again in October God opened another divine opportunity for CrossVision to take a greater step of faith and join with a Pastor Omar Rodriguez of Roca Fuerte Church and a group of Baptist churches in Guadalajara, MX in a work to reach the unreached peoples known as the Huichol Indians. Planting the Gospel in a people who had no concept of God, creation or sin leading to death and a need for a savior has just begun.  This work has carried us as well as associated churches far deeper than we could go in our own strength.

Today CrossVision continues to assist churches in developing transformational discipleship mission ministries, train team leaders, provide crucial spiritual preparation materials and guide them in sending short term missionaries all over the world.

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Cross Vision International Missions
Cross Vision International Missions
Cross Vision International Missions

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